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What is the structure of the led flood light and why does it appear water mist?

Datetime: 2021-08-03 16:00:28


In the process of using led flood light, do you know its overall structure? During use, we found that its water fog is inevitable. Below, our Jiangsu Hengyuan Lighting will sort out the relevant contents of the structure of led flood light for you .


First of all, let's understand the overall structure of the led flood light. The overall structure of the led flood light is that the inside is the power supply, and the outside is a layer of glass. Between the lamp body and the glass, there will be a rubber sealing ring, and the inside is a cavity. The outside is air. Generally speaking, it is easier for water to enter the wire and the sealing rubber ring, but when it reaches a certain level of dust and water resistance, it means that it has good water resistance, so under normal circumstances, water cannot enter. of. Even if it is used outdoors, it has corresponding waterproof performance.

So why does the water mist appear in the led flood light? Outdoor led floodlights are generally high-power lamps. When the led floodlights start to work, they will start to heat up, and the air inside the lamps will expand. At this time, it will build up pressure on the rubber ring, and the air will run out; then after the light is off, the air pressure inside will be reduced, so the air outside will be pressed in. In addition to the air coming in, water vapor will also come in, and then working again and again, the water in the lamp may be more and more stored.