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What are the four differences between downlights and spotlights

Datetime: 2021-08-12 14:42:00


1. The price level

Looking at the difference between spotlights and downlights, simply look at their prices. Under normal circumstances, the price of spotlights and downlights of the same grade and quality is higher than that of downlights. At present, there are many lighting brands on the market, such as Xiongguang, NVC, etc. There are many styles of spotlights and downlights, with different sizes and prices. Although the price of spotlights is more expensive than downlights, it is not much more expensive, and the price difference is mostly tens of yuan.

2. The difference in light source

(1) The color of the light source

To distinguish the difference between spotlights and differences, the intuitive thing is to see what their light sources are. One way is to look at the color of the light source. Generally, downlights can contain incandescent bulbs and energy-saving lamps, and different bulbs emit different colors. For example, a downlight with incandescent bulbs looks yellow, which is a little warmer and softer; if it is a downlight with energy-saving lamps, it looks biased towards white light.

(2) The direction of the light source

Another way to judge the difference between spotlights and downlights is to look at the light source direction of the spotlights and downlights. In general, if the downlight is installed, it is relatively fixed, and the direction of the light source cannot be adjusted; this is different for the spotlight, and the direction of the light source can be adjusted at will. Because of this feature, spotlights are more commonly used in tooling places such as KTV, restaurants, etc.

3. The choice of location

Through the different installation positions, we can also distinguish the difference between spotlights and downlights. Most of the time, downlights are installed inside the ceiling. Of course, there are a few cases where external downlights are also installed. However, it is more troublesome to install spotlights. Different types of spotlights are suitable for different installation positions. Spotlights on the market are generally divided into built-in type, track type and point hanging type. For example, point-mounted spotlights can be installed in decorative paintings, next to the background wall, etc., which mainly play a role in enhancing the effect, making the entire space look more warm and stylish.

4. Matters needing attention

The difference between spotlights and downlights can also be seen from the precautions when they are used. For example, when using a spotlight, you must avoid irradiating flammable objects at close range, otherwise it will be prone to fire and other safety after a long time. Hidden dangers. In this respect, the safety performance of the downlight is much better than that of the spotlight. There is not much need to pay attention to, and it is simpler and more convenient to use.