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The use of tunnel lights and the characteristics of led tunnel lights

Datetime: 2021-11-22 16:42:00


The tunnel light is actually to solve the visual illusion caused by the sudden change of brightness when the vehicle enters or exits the tunnel. Such an illusion will appear "black hole effect" or "white hole effect". In order to prevent accidents, you need to be in the tunnel. Lamps are used inside, and ordinary lamps can’t solve the problem, so a lamp specially used for tunnels is produced. The light source of the tunnel lamp is generally used: sodium lamp, metal halide lamp and sometimes no lamp. As a special section of a high-grade highway, a tunnel has a series of visual problems when vehicles are entering, passing and exiting the tunnel. In order to adapt to visual changes, additional electro-optical lighting is required.

The focus of the design of led tunnel lights is to highlight the effect, but in order to meet other requirements, energy-saving designs are also required, because high-intensity gas discharge lamps are mainly used as the light source. This kind of light source has high luminous efficiency, With the characteristics of long life, multi-purpose lighting can be realized with different reflectors, and the softening treatment will not cause dazzling and other unsuitable reactions. The ballast adopts overheating protection technology to ensure the service life of the lamp. Imported high-purity mirror surface aluminum anodized material is used as the reflector and adopted accurate light distribution design. The power factor is greater than 0.9, high reflective efficiency, good light transmission, energy saving and environmental protection.