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The selection basis of LED tri-proof lamp manufacturers should be practical and considered factors

Datetime: 2021-08-25 18:54:00


 As a special lighting fixture, LED tri-proof lamps are mainly used in oil refineries, oil fields, chemical plants, spray booths, polishing workshops, automobile wheel polishing workshops, gas stations, pharmaceutical plants, liquefied gas stations, flour mills, ammonia reservoirs, firecracker warehouses Explosion-proof double-tube three-proof fluorescent lamps are widely used in steel plants, metal polishing workshops, magnesium powder polishing workshops, aluminum powder polishing workshops, etc. There is a lot of knowledge about LED tri-proof lamps, the following Yangzhong Hengyuan Lighting introduces the practical and consideration factors for the selection of LED tri-proof lamp manufacturers.

The selection basis of LED tri-proof lamp manufacturers should be practical

       A qualified three-proof lamp manufacturer, safe production is the bottom line, escort for safe production, and protect the safety of people's property. Prius Lighting Technology's three-proof lamps are simple in design, convenient to install, simple to maintain, and their safety levels are in full compliance with national assessment standards. Choosing a qualified and a qualified three-proof lamp manufacturer is equivalent to choosing a safe production environment. The explosion-proof level of the lamps in gas stations must reach IIC level. Gas stations are generally in relatively open places outside, and require high lightning and anti-static requirements for lamps. The three-proof lamps adopt lightning protection modules, which are equipped with lightning protection and surge protection, and gas stations emit glare. High requirements, due to the use of high transmittance milky white PC cover for anti-glare.

Factors to consider in the price of LED tri-proof lights

        The price, service life, and use effect of LED tri-proof lights depend on the specific use environment. Just like some entertainment venues, its requirements for lamps are very strict, regardless of the requirements of the installation location.

It is still the requirement of using effect. There are also some requirements for use in large buildings, which are generally installed outdoors, and their impact resistance is the first issue to be considered. Ordinary lamps, incandescent lamps or fluorescent lamps, directly pump out the internal gas, thereby making incandescent lamps or The impact resistance of the fluorescent lamp becomes weak.