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The reason for the heat generated by the high-power LED industrial and mining light source, and the method of heat dissipation

Datetime: 2021-08-26 13:05:00


The high-power LED high bay light uses a single high-power LED packaged with imported LED chips as the light source, uses a unique multi-chip integrated single-module light source design, and uses imported high-brightness semiconductor chips, which have high thermal conductivity, low light decay, and light Pure color, no ghosting and other characteristics. There is a lot of knowledge about high-power LED industrial and mining lights. Below, we will introduce the causes of heat generated by high-power LED industrial and mining lights and the methods of heat dissipation.

Causes of heat generated by high-power LED industrial and mining light sources

       The LED light source is the same as the traditional light source, the LED semiconductor light-emitting two bodies also generate heat during operation, the amount of which depends on the overall luminous efficiency. Under the action of external electric energy, the radiation of electrons and holes recombine to produce electroluminescence. The light radiated near the PN junction also needs to pass through the semiconductor medium and packaging medium of the chip itself to reach the outside air. Comprehensive current injection efficiency and radioluminescence quantum In terms of efficiency, the efficiency of light extraction from outside the chip, etc., only 30-40% of the input electric energy is finally converted into light energy, and the remaining 60-70% of the energy is mainly converted into heat energy in the form of non-radiative recombination lattice vibration.

        The increase in chip temperature will enhance non-radiative recombination and further weaken luminous efficiency. Because people subjectively think that high-power LEDs do not have heat, in fact there is a lot of heat, so that problems occur during use, and many people who use high-power LEDs for the first time do not know how to effectively solve the heat problem. , Making product reliability a major issue.

High-power LED high bay lamp heat dissipation method

       Relying on the former: conventional heat dissipation method, this conventional method is to use the heat conductive sheet we often use to dissipate heat to the high-power LED high bay light. But just as it uses ordinary heat-conducting film so the thermal conductivity is average, this high-power LED high bay lamp heat dissipation method is not so effective.

       The second type: liquid heat conduction method, which is a heat dissipation method that has not been studied for a long time by a semiconductor research institute in Guangdong Province. This method has made a great contribution to solving the heat dissipation problem of high-power and small-size high-power LED high bay lights.

       The third type: heat dissipation with heat pipes. This way of using heat pipes to dissipate heat for high-power LED high bay lights is similar to the heat dissipation of our computer CPU. However, the volume of the LED will become larger and heavier.