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the rated working current of the lamp

Datetime: 2018-11-07 14:46:58

Select the cable according to the rated working current of the lamp, and design the outlet of the lamp

The rated working current of the lamp is equal to the ratio of the power of the lamp to the rated voltage of the lamp;

For example, the fluorescent high-mercury lamp has a power of 400W and a rated power supply voltage of 220V. How many square cables are needed?

Solution: First find the working current of the fluorescent high mercury lamp:

I=power W/rated voltage V (light source working voltage 135V, ballast rated working voltage 85V)

I= 400W/135V


miner lamp with RFID

2.96A×1.2=3.55A (1.2 is the safety factor)

According to the current 3.55A data, the cable current conductor load cross section can be found from Table 4. The 0.5mm2 soft conductor in 0.5~1mm2 is selected, and the cable outer diameter is found from the cable selection sample. If RV PVC insulated flexible cable (check Shanghai special cable sample) 3.55A current can choose RV PVC insulated flexible cable 2 × 0.5 + 1, if not, can use three core cable, select 3 × 0.75 cable outer diameter The maximum is 8mm.

According to the maximum outer diameter of the cable is 8mm, the cable outlet of the explosion-proof lamp cable is 3/4∥, and the corresponding sealing ring, compression nut and washer are used together with the compression nut G3/4.