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portable explosion proof lights 

Datetime: 2019-06-29 11:33:04

Explosion-proof function: It has been certified by the national authority for explosion-proof certification, and the explosion-proof type has the highest explosion-proof grade. It is produced in accordance with national explosion-proof standards and has excellent explosion-proof and anti-static.

The effect is to break through the traditional lamp head explosion-proof, light box is not explosion-proof defects, and can work safely in flammable and explosive places.

Easy to use: beautiful in appearance, simple and convenient to operate, can be used in portable, table top, magnetic adsorption, hanging lighting, etc.; lamp holder and handle can be separately

Adjust the angle arbitrarily at 135° (15° per block) and 180°.

Light efficiency and energy saving: strong light, working light can be converted at will; standard configuration is concentrated lighting, if you need floodlighting, you can buy floodlight ring components to replace; once filled

After the electric glare can be continuously illuminated for 5 hours, the working light can be continuously illuminated for 8 hours, which can meet the needs of long-term work.

Rechargeable battery: The high-energy battery holder in the lower part of the lamp is small and light, easy to disassemble and replace, high-energy battery with large capacity, excellent performance, low self-discharge rate, and can be charged at any time;

It has a power protection circuit to reliably protect the battery and extend battery life. A microprocessor control circuit is used to constantly monitor battery capacity and discharge time.

Reliable and durable: precision structure, special alloy and bulletproof rubber material can ensure the product is subjected to strong impact and impact; good sealing, waterproof, can withstand wind and waves,

Heavy rain hits. Moreover, the anti-shock effect is good, the heat generation is small, and it is safer and more reliable.