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marine dock lights

Datetime: 2019-01-16 10:42:38

This product has the following characteristics:

Good guiding effect: The lamp adopts ultra-high brightness LED lamp bead to make LED light source with cylindrical surface and hemispherical combination. The visible distance is far at night, and the visual effect is good. Unique double lamp head design, which can flash single lamp and double flash.

Environmental adaptability: In order to adapt to the dock environment, the lamp can be protected from rain. The surface of the lamp body is sprayed against salt spray. The lamp head is made of PC material. It has good toughness, high strength and is not easy to damage. The lamp body has a low center of gravity and the wind is not easy to blow. Down, built-in large-capacity battery, one-time charging can be used continuously for more than 20 hours.

Easy to use: The control button adopts a tact switch, one touch response, charging to 220V mains, one plug and then charge, there is overcharge and over discharge protection, low battery prompt, to ensure normal use of the battery.

Long-lasting use: long service life, high-quality maintenance-free lead-acid battery and LED light source, unique circuit design to ensure long-term normal use.


Light source

Light angle of view: 360° parallel to the ground and 180° vertical.

Visible distance: >1000 meters

LED light source: Φ5mm super bright LED light bead

Single LED brightness >13000mcd

Flashing frequency: 5 times / sec

Number of lamp LEDs: 53

LED light source life: >50000 hours

2. Power supply

Battery specification: 12V7AH

Charging voltage: 220V mains

Continuous working time: >20 hours

Charging time: 8-10 hours (deep discharge)

3. Size specifications

Lamp head (flash part): Φ90*100mm

Lamp body length: 345 mm

Lamp body width: 135 mm

Lamp height: 300 mm

Weight: 5kg