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Maintenance method and manufacturing process of LED tri-proof lamp

Datetime: 2021-09-10 14:25:00


The three-proof lamp adopts lightweight alloy materials and high-tech spraying technology, and the outer shell will not rust or corrode. The interior of the lamp body will be double-dampened by structure and material, and the earthquake resistance of the whole lamp is very good. There is still a lot of knowledge about the three-proof lamp, the following Zhenjiang Hengyuan Lighting introduces the maintenance method and manufacturing process of the LED three-proof lamp.

Maintenance method of LED tri-proof light

  1. Do not wash the LED tri-proof lamp with water, just wipe it with a dry cloth dampened with water. If you do not care about touching the water, try to wipe it dry as much as possible. Do not wipe it with a wet cloth immediately after turning on the light.

    2. The LED tri-proof light must be maintained during use to extend its service life. The lamps in the room should be wiped with a dry cloth frequently, and pay attention to prevent moisture invasion, prevent corrosion damage or leakage short circuit after a long time; lamps installed in toilets and bathhouses must be equipped with moisture-proof lampshades, otherwise the service life will be greatly shortened ; Lamps installed in the kitchen should be especially careful to prevent oily fume, because the accumulation of grease will affect the brightness of the lamp; the light-colored lampshade has better light transmittance, but it is dusty, and it is necessary to wipe it diligently to prevent affecting the light penetration; Assuming it is non-metallic, it can be wiped with a damp cloth to prevent dust from accumulating and affecting the lighting effect.

  3. Humidity can easily cause the lamps to rust, paint off, and shorten the service life of the lamps. Therefore, moisture-proof is the key to maintenance of lighting, especially lamps in bathrooms, bathhouses, and stove lamps in kitchens. Moisture-proof lampshades must be installed to prevent moisture invasion, rust damage or leakage short circuits.

  4. When using LED tri-proof lamps, try not to switch frequently, because the current through the filament is greater than the current during normal operation at the moment when the lamp is frequently initiated, so that the temperature of the filament rises sharply, which will greatly reduce its use. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the switch of lamps and lanterns.

The manufacturing process of the three-proof lamp

    The three-proof lamp uses special anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion materials and silica gel sealing ring to complete the protection requirements of the lamp; this lamp carries out anti-corrosion, waterproof and anti-oxidation treatments on the circuit control board. Aiming at the characteristics of weak heat dissipation of electrical box sealing, intelligent temperature control three preventions The lamp-specific operating circuit reduces the operating temperature of the power inverter, shields the circuit with strong resistance, and two-layer insulation treatment for the connector, ensuring the safety and reliability of the circuit; according to the actual operating environment of the three-proof lamp, the appearance of the lamp protective box is carried out Nano-sprayed damp-proof and anti-corrosion treatment prevents the ingress of dust and moisture.

Component and structure design of LED flood light

 LED floodlights are lamps that can be used to specify that the illuminance on the illuminated surface is higher than the surrounding environment. It is also called a spotlight. There is still a lot of knowledge about LED floodlights. Below, Yangzhong Hengyuan Lighting introduces the components and structural design of LED floodlights.