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LED high bay lights have better advantages and performance characteristics than traditional high bay lights

Datetime: 2021-09-15 09:24:00


  According to the light source, high bay lights can be divided into traditional light source high bay lights (such as sodium lamp high bay lights, mercury lamp high bay lights, etc.) and LED high bay lights. Compared with traditional high bay lights, LED high bay lights have great advantages:

1: LED high bay light display index high RA>80, the luminous color, pure color, no variegated light, covering the entire visible light band, and can be combined into any desired visible light by R\G\B. Life: The average life of LED is 5000-100000 hours, which greatly reduces your maintenance and replacement costs.

2: LED industrial and mining lighting is more efficient and more energy-saving. At present, the high luminous efficiency of the laboratory has reached 260lm/w, and the theoretical luminous efficiency of LED per watt is as high as 370LM/W. At present, the high luminous efficiency produced on the market has reached 160LM/W.

3: Traditional light sources have the disadvantage of high lamp temperature, which can reach 200-300 degrees. The LED itself is a cold light source, the temperature of the lamp is low, and it is safer.

4: Shock resistance: LED is a solid-state light source, because of its particularity, it has shock resistance that other light source products cannot compare.

5: Non-chaotic: 100,000 hours, the light decay is 70% of the initial

6: Response time: The response time of LED lights is nanoseconds, which is the product with fast response time among all current light sources.

7: Environmental protection: No metal mercury and other harmful substances to the body.

Effective energy saving

LED high bay light is a light source with high luminous efficiency so far. The same illuminance can save 50%-70% of electricity compared with traditional light sources. That is, the use of lower power LED lamps to replace larger power traditional lamps can achieve the same lighting effect. The best choice for energy saving and emission reduction;

Super short-lived

LED is a solid light source, without filament fuse, electrical aging and other disadvantages, with an average life span of more than 50,000 hours. It is a short-lived light source so far and can be used temporarily without maintenance;

Safe and reliable

The LED uses a low-voltage DC power supply, the heat generation is much lower than that of the traditional electric light source, and there is no high-frequency electromagnetic field, which does not cause electromagnetic interference to the peripheral equipment; the LED is sealed with epoxy resin, which is impact-resistant, vibration-resistant, and not easily broken;


The emission spectrum of LED is completely in the visible light band, no ultraviolet radiation, no mercury, no heavy metal pollution; no environmental protection hazards such as fusing of the filament, broken glass, flammability and toxic substances leakage.