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kinds of Mine lighting

Datetime: 2018-08-15 11:17:53

矿灯Mine lighting
Mobile luminaire
Mobile luminaires (also known as mining floodlights) are used on mobile machinery such as mining, loading machinery and electric vehicles to provide local illumination for operation. Most of these lamps are mine explosion-proof type, featuring good shock resistance, large spot size, high brightness, durability and switch. Most of the light sources are incandescent bulbs, and a few use high-pressure mercury lamps to supply coal to the working face. The floodlights on the motor car have a good performance reflector, so that the irradiation distance is more than 40m, and it is easy to disassemble and fix the taillights (red light).

Lighting Power The fixed lighting power supply in China\'s mines is generally 127V, which is powered by dry lighting transformers; the mobile lighting power supply is generally 36V, and the individual is 127V, which is powered by the lighting transformer attached to the machine body. The source of the spotlight on the overhead motor car is powered by the overhead DC power supply; the battery-type motor car is powered by the local battery pack tap.

Battery light fixture
There are two types of head-mounted (called miner\'s lamp or headlight) and hand-held. The miner\'s lamp is a necessary lamp for underground miners. It consists of a battery pack, a lamp cap and a connecting cable (Fig. 3). The battery is on the miner\'s belt and the lamp is worn on the miner\'s hat. There is an automatic power-off device in the lamp cap. When the bulb or the lamp glass is broken, it can be powered off immediately to ensure the safety of underground use. The portable lamp is provided with a lifting ring or a hook. The battery is directly supplied to the bulb through the conductive contact in the lamp, and is often used for lighting the inclined working face of the thin ore layer.
The miner\'s lamp power supply has two kinds of acid lead storage batteries and alkaline nickel storage batteries. Alkaline nickel batteries have the advantages of long life, high mechanical strength, low electrolyte consumption, and low failure rate, but their power and electrical efficiency are low. Alkaline nickel battery miner\'s lamps have been widely used in China in the 1950s, and nowadays acid-based batteries are mainly used.
Development direction Downhole fixed lighting is mainly based on fluorescent lamps, and incandescent lamps are only used for temporary mobile or emergency lighting. New lamps with high luminous efficiency, small size and reliable explosion-proof performance, such as high-frequency fluorescent lamps and high-pressure mercury lamps, will be used.
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