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industrial explosion proof lighting 

Datetime: 2019-06-29 11:31:16

One of the most important explosion-proof principles of LED explosion-proof floodlights is to limit the temperature of the surface of the enclosure in contact with explosive gases, explosive dust, the surface of components or the surface of electronic components, and to limit the temperature of electrical contact surfaces below their lower ignition temperatures or Ignition temperature. For LED explosion-proof lamps used outdoors, waterproof drives are required.
Technical Parameters:
Rated voltage: wide voltage design: 85V ~ 265V 24V and 36V voltage can be customized
Explosion-proof grade: ExdIICT4
Protection level: IP65 IP66
Rated power: 20W to 200W (customized with lighting and brightness requirements)
Power factor: ≥0.95
Anti-corrosion grade: WFI WF2
Installation method: wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, seat-type, light pole type, flange type, guardrail type. (Assemble accessories as needed)
Lamp color: yellow, white, dark, gray, gray