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hazardous location lighting 

Datetime: 2019-05-20 18:48:49

The explosion-proof LED light source module embedded in the all-plastic explosion-proof LED strip lamp adopts high-efficiency imported LED light source, with high transmittance PC transparent cover and high-efficiency explosion-proof LED power supply module, so that the luminous efficiency of the explosion-proof light source module reaches 120LM/ Above W, this is a very beautiful lumen output for the explosion-proof light source module. The interior of the lamp housing is designed with an interlocking device structure, and with the new sealing structure and the explosion-proof travel switch module, the lamp can not only achieve IP66 protection when closed, but also realize the function of the lamp opening and closing power, ensuring that the lamp is in the Safety in indoors, outdoors, installation, maintenance, etc. The internal sides of the luminaire can also be equipped with electrical connection terminals, which can easily solve the problem of “series” installation and wiring of multiple lamps at the work site, helping customers to save the cost of consumables required for on-site installation and wiring.

The all-plastic explosion-proof LED strip lamp has a variety of installation forms, which can be installed and used in various occasions. Typical installation forms include ceiling type, hanging chain type, boom type, wall type, pinch type, platform. Fence type, platform flange type, etc.