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How To Recognize GF Light ?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-12-06 09:59:33

How To Recognize GF Light ?

Recently, GF sales team frequently received inquiry and complains about our Mining Cap Lamp KL4.5 . But when we saw the pictures customers sent to us, we found the lights are just similar to ours but not produced

Then, You may ask: what’s the features of GF Mining Lighting ? How can we know we bought the right light ? Below are answers.

1.     Quality

When  get GF light, you can feel that our lights have a very good quality, because the housing material and lens are all high-level material used. The touch sense is totally different. Even if you throw the light to ground heavily, the light will not be damaged. Because GF lighting are impact test approved (1kg iron hammer strike from 2m height).

2.     Using time

GF Mining Cap Lamps  using high quality 18650 battery, Normal lighting time for main light is more than 12hours.  Lighting time for Item-KL6LM auxiliary light can even reach to 100 hours.

3.     Logo

Normally, Our lights have clear ‘GF’ logo and ‘Ex mark’ on it as below. But some manufacturer print  words such as “Golden” on it to puzzle customers. 


Below are pictures of copy light. GF lights seldom have such heavy damage at the housing material or lens, even after several years using.

So most of our long term cooperated customers only need to buy parts such as battery and clips for replacement.   

KL4.5LMmining lamp

 If you still can not sure about the logo, please call +8618814142708  or  send e-mail to [email protected] . Lily will serve for you.


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