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Four technical indicators in the application of factory and mining lamps

Datetime: 2021-08-18 15:31:00

Application range of high-quality tri-proof lights

This lamp is used in indoor places such as parking lots, swimming pools, kitchens, saunas, food and medicine workshops, and is also suitable for outdoor lighting in tunnels, subways, bridges and other outdoor places that require moisture, corrosion, and dust prevention.

Four technical indicators in the application of industrial and mining lamps

  As a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting source, factory bay lights have been widely used in industry and life. When using factory bay lights, it is necessary to understand light intensity distribution, color temperature distribution, thermal resistance and color rendering. Below, Yangzhong Hengyuan Lighting introduces four technical indicators and three key performance points in the application of industrial and mining lamps in the factory.

       1. The color rendering is an important indicator of industrial and mining lamps in the factory, and the color rendering must be above 80.

       2. Mastering the light intensity distribution diagram of LED high bay lights is necessary for the correct use of factory high bay lights. Manufacturers must provide customers with various parameter indicators of factory and mining lamps.

       3. Thermal resistance directly affects the heat dissipation of industrial and mining lamps in the factory. The lower the thermal resistance, the better the heat dissipation; the higher the thermal resistance, the poorer the heat dissipation, so that the temperature of the device increases, which will affect the wavelength shift of the light. According to experience, when the temperature rises by one degree, the light wavelength must drift 0.2~0.3nm, which will directly affect the luminous quality of the device. Excessive temperature rise also directly affects the service life of industrial and mining lamps in the workshop.

       4. Whether the color temperature distribution is uniform or not will directly affect the lighting effect; and the color temperature and the color rendering index are related to each other, and the change of the color temperature will cause the change of the color rendering index.

Three key performance points of factory bay lights

       1. When choosing the factory and mining lamp, we also need to pay attention to the heat dissipation performance of the lamp. Fortunately, select the factory and mining lamp body with a fan. If you are a manufacturer wholesale purchase, you should first buy a sample and continue to light it for 72 hours. Product testing to detect the brightness and stability of the factory’s high bay lights.

       2. We need to choose the brightness of the factory's high bay lights. Generally, we choose the factory high bay lights with 100 lumens/W or more in the selection (except for special needs).

       3. When choosing factory and mining lamps, we must pay attention to a problem-the light decay type. We must ensure that the factory and mining lights purchased are small, otherwise the effect of energy-saving investment will not be achieved.

Six installation precautions and materials for LED tunnel lights

ED tunnel light is a kind of light-efficiency energy-saving lamps. Light emitting diodes (LED) are used as the light source of the luminous body. It has high light efficiency and long life. It can be used with different reflectors to achieve multi-purpose lighting; and after softening treatment, it will not cause People have dazzling or other uncomfortable reactions. There is a lot of knowledge about LED tunnel lights. Below, Yangzhong Hengyuan Lighting will introduce the six installation