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Five performances of LED tunnel lights

Datetime: 2021-08-06 15:52:00


1. Innovative integrated design for heat dissipation of lamps and lanterns, all-metal structure, and easy tool maintenance.

2. The LED light distribution technology, high light extraction rate, high quality light distribution, meet the requirements of the new national road lighting standards.

3. Reliable LED module technology, reaching IP68 protection level, ultra-high waterproof and dustproof performance; service life of more than 5 years.

4. Communication base station-level lightning protection, ultra-low voltage power supply, high conversion efficiency, accurate constant current drive, short circuit, overload, overvoltage protection, lightning protection, anti-surge characteristics; dust-proof and fog-proof, easy to clean and maintain.

5. The intelligent control management system is more energy-saving on the basis of energy saving and easier to manage in management.

Material selection characteristics of LED tunnel lights

        The lamp beads of the LED tunnel light use high-efficiency chips and are packaged with international technology; it has the energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics of high luminous efficiency, low light decay, high color rendering, and long life. It is an ideal lamp for energy-saving transformation. Shangyou Lighting LED tunnel light uses a wide voltage input , Constant current DC voltage output, performance guarantee, long life, high power factor, high conversion efficiency, in line with industry standard requirements, the use of a fully-sealed waterproof grade can be greater than IP67 and other excellent LED driving power to improve the overall performance of the LED tunnel light; Shangyou Lighting LED Tunnel The lamp is made of aluminum with good heat dissipation effect such as excellent die-cast aluminum, brushed aluminum and aviation aluminum, and the use of high-density silicone waterproof glue makes the overall protection performance of the lamp above IP67; excellent LED tunnel lights are widely used in: highway tunnels/underground channels \ Under the viaduct \ railway station platform \ subway station and other tunnel lighting.

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