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explosion proof tunnel light 

Datetime: 2019-03-29 14:34:34

The explosion-proof tunnel lamp housing is made of high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting, high strength, high-voltage electrostatic powder coating treatment, corrosion resistance;
The use of world-renowned brand LED light source, high luminous efficiency, high color rendering, low light decay, low energy consumption, long service life;
The part of the light source cavity is planned to be independent into a cavity, and the heat dissipation of the lamp is good, and the service life of the extended light source is extended;
The integrated plan is adopted, which has high light efficiency, high utilization rate, large illumination area, 360-degree all-round illumination and uniform illumination;
The light is soft, the glare-free light source component, the reflector component, the power module, etc. all adopt standard module planning, which is convenient for replacement and reduces the cost of later protection;
LED explosion-proof lamp belongs to a special industry top-level electrical equipment, which deals with lighting problems first. It includes a lamp housing, a lamp cover disposed at the front end of the lamp housing, an illuminator and a battery disposed inside the lamp housing, and a switch disposed on the outer surface of the lamp housing.

Explosion-proof tunnel lamp technical parameters:

Rated voltage: AC220V/AC/DC24-36V

With light source: LED

Rated power: 30W~50W

Introduced cable outer diameter: ¢10-¢14mm

Protection level: IP65

Anti-corrosion grade: WF2

Weight: 7kg

Dimensions: ¢200*280mm

Installation method: boom type, wall type, barrier type, flange type
Technical Support: Magic Lamp