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explosion proof tunnel lamp 

Datetime: 2019-03-29 14:36:03

Applicable places:
● Suitable for road lighting in flammable and explosive places such as petroleum and chemical industry.
● Applicable to petrochemical installations, operations and offshore oil platforms for fixed lighting.
Structural characteristics:
● Excellent explosion-proof performance, safe and reliable in flammable and explosive places.
● High-intensity gas discharge is used as the light source. It has high light efficiency and good color rendering. The color rendering index is greater than 90, the fog permeability is good, the illumination is uniform, and the average service life is over 20,000 hours.
● The shell is made of light alloy material and processed by high-tech spraying technology, which can be used reliably in long-term sun and rain and various corrosive environments.
● It has good electromagnetic compatibility and will not cause interference to the surrounding environment.
● High reliability, low failure rate and easy maintenance.

Technical Parameters:
Explosion-proof mark Ex d IIC T44
Rated voltage 220VAC 50Hz
Enclosure protection IP65
Insulation class I
Anti-corrosion grade WF2
Dimensions φ440 × 465 mm (outer diameter × height)
Total weight 8.9Kg