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explosion proof rechargeable flashlight

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-12-22 14:54:02
Explosion-proof rechargeable flashlights are suitable for all kinds of flammable and explosive places and mobile lighting for underwater operations. Explosion-proof rechargeable flashlights are suitable for indoor and outdoor mobile lighting in power, metallurgy, petroleum, petrochemical, fire-fighting and industrial and mining enterprises. Explosion-proof high explosion-proof grade, explosion-proof flashlight can work safely in flammable and explosive places. The high-energy, non-memory battery has a large capacity, a long life, and a low self-discharge rate. Using high-power, high-brightness white LED light source, the explosion-proof flashlight can reach more than 100 meters, and the visible distance is more than 5000 meters. The explosion-proof rechargeable flashlight adopts PWM pulse width modulation technology and is used continuously for 9 hours. The illumination is always the same. It has good sealing and can work normally under 200 meters. The imported high-hardness alloy casing can withstand strong impact and impact. The smart charger features low voltage protection and a charging display. Explosion-proof rechargeable flashlight JW7210 adopts pulse width modulation technology (magnetic control switch) to be convenient and flexible. The luminous flux is 135 lumens, the continuous working time can reach 6 hours, the working luminous flux is 60 lumens, and the continuous working time is no less than 12 hours. The explosion-proof flashlight is exquisite in structure, light in appearance, simple in operation and convenient to carry. Cool white, warm white and two different color temperature light sources, users can choose according to actual needs.
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