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explosion proof police flashlight

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-12-28 15:51:15
With the development of the economy and the ever-changing environment, the requirements for emergency lighting equipment required by various industries have been synchronized to the international level. The fire department has highlighted the high quality, high brightness and long life of the mobile emergency lighting products. Waterproof and explosion-proof, etc. put forward higher requirements. Traditional lighting flashlights can no longer meet the needs of on-site environment or lighting. Hengsheng Lighting now lists fire emergency lighting equipment, such as squadrons and detachments, all over the country. :
Portable explosion-proof searchlights are mandatory for the fire protection industry. The main applications are accident rescue, fire inspection, and large-scale accident site emergency lighting. They are superior in their long-range illumination, high brightness, long lighting time, waterproof, explosion-proof, anti-shock and other performance. The fire department is absolutely sure of the selection, portable explosion-proof searchlights, so the fire squadrons across the country have been fully procured.
Wear-type explosion-proof glare lighting is a must-have for front-line personnel in the fire protection industry. The lamp can completely liberate the hands and realize long-distance glare illumination. The illumination angle can be adjusted arbitrarily. The illuminating time of the lighting life is more than 4 hours. Fully considering the personal safety factors of firefighters, it has the function of calling for help, which can effectively guarantee the position display of firefighters during operation and remind the safety personnel of the firefighters, etc., and many patents are superior in waterproof, explosion-proof, anti-shock and other performances. The fire department has been absolutely surely selected. The fire squadrons all over the country have been fully procured. The lamp is tailored to the fire protection industry in terms of comprehensive design. The products have been well received by users.
Mobile lighting group This lamp is a group of lamps that need to be illuminated at large working sites. Because of its high brightness, quick start response, self-contained generator system, pneumatic lifting illumination, large illumination range, low color temperature light source penetration, suitable Illuminated in a smoky environment, it is easy to carry and can be moved flexibly in the field. It has been widely promoted and used in large-scale disaster relief, fire fighting, accident repair and other environments. Now all fire detachments in the country are equipped, which are essential for fire detachments.
The glare explosion-proof position lamp is mainly designed for personal safety and is a light-carrying position display product that can be carried on the shoulder or the back belt or other parts to enter the dangerous place. The lamp can effectively remind the firefighter where it is located, and effectively protect the safety of firefighters. Because the lamp is the highest explosion-proof explosion-proof lamp, it can be carried in any accident place. The detachments of the country have made essential purchases.
Box-type mobile lighting system This lamp is mainly embodied in a mobile lighting fixture that is simpler and more convenient to carry, has long lighting life and can be used in various environments. It adopts an international standard safety box as a carrier, lighting power supply and lamp holder, etc. It is integrated into the box and can be quickly assembled and activated when in use. The 2.2-meter-high liftable pole plays a key role in large-area lighting. The box light is easy to assemble and integrated due to its simple assembly method. Many advantages such as high brightness, promotion and application in the fire protection industry will be the star products of the next generation of mobile lighting.
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