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explosion proof lights fluorescent 

Datetime: 2019-06-22 17:16:42

As LED lights become more and more popular, the market\'s dazzling styles make consumers unable to start, so how to choose high-quality LED explosion-proof fluorescent lamps, LED explosion-proof fluorescent products are mixed, consumers can select through the naked eye identification and simple test,

Take a look at the outer packaging of the explosion-proof fluorescent LED. The state has requirements for the outsourcing of LED lights, and must indicate the rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, and rated frequency. High-quality LED lamp products have good packaging and printing quality, clear writing, wiping with a damp cloth is not easy to be wiped off, and poor quality products are poorly printed, the font is fuzzy, some products do not even have the manufacturer\'s logo, and there is no relevant certification mark.

The second step is to watch the explosion-proof fluorescent LED tube. Putting together the LED lights of the same product to watch together, the quality manufacturers generally have good consistency, and there will be no unevenness of the pipe surface. There is a slope between the interface of the high-quality LED lamp and the screw port, which is convenient for installation and prevents the installer from getting an electric shock. Some of the poor quality LED lamp interfaces are rounded and there is a safety hazard. If the screw is slightly pulled at the screw buckle, if the interface is loose, it indicates that there is a problem with the quality and should not be purchased.

Fluorescent tube diameter and its electrical parameters:

1. Fluorescent tube, the thinner the tube diameter, the higher the light efficiency, the better the power saving effect.

2, fluorescent tube, the thinner the diameter of the tube, the higher the voltage of Qihui point, the higher the demand for ballast skill.

Explosion-proof fluorescent lamps (explosion-proof clean fluorescent lamps) are larger than T8 (including T8) fluorescent tubes, and the ignition voltage is low. Related to 220V, 50Hz power frequency communication, in line with Qihui point voltage is less than 1/2 power supply voltage law. Inductive ballasts can be selected for the start-up work.

Explosion-proof fluorescent lamps (explosion-proof clean fluorescent lamps) have a smaller diameter than T8 fluorescent tubes, and the ignition voltage is higher. Related to 220V, 50Hz power frequency communication, does not fit the Qihui point voltage is less than 1/2 power supply voltage law. Inductive ballasts cannot be used for the start-up work. For fluorescent tubes with a diameter less than T8, it is necessary to match the electronic ballast. From the electronic ballast, the ignition high voltage is attacked, and the fluorescent tube is broken down. Thereafter, the electronic ballast is driven to drive the fluorescent tube to work.

With T5 fluorescent tube, the light effect is high, more in line with the actual lighting environment, compared with T8 fluorescent tube, saving about 30%.

With T8LED tube, the light source is energy efficient and energy saving, more than 50% energy saving than T8 fluorescent tube.

Through the unique light distribution design, the light type and illumination angle of the LED light source are controlled to avoid light pollution and inefficient light utilization; the light is soft and glare-free, which does not cause eye fatigue of the operator and improves work efficiency. Because LED is a solid-state cold light source, it has the advantages of high electro-optical conversion efficiency, low heat generation, low power consumption, safe voltage and low voltage, long service life, etc. It adopts high-efficiency gas discharge light source, high luminous efficiency and long service life. Improve work efficiency and reduce product maintenance. It utilizes the characteristics of low heat generation of LED to realize intrinsically safe explosion-proof, and the LED light source has a long service life; the battery maintains constant brightness at the end of full charge and discharge; the heat dissipation device is arranged on the lamp housing to realize effective heat dissipation of the LED module It guarantees the stability of use and is suitable for lighting in various industries such as coal mine, petroleum, railway and flood control.
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