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explosion proof led lights

Datetime: 2019-02-27 10:50:35

Product features: Explosion-proof solid state lighting is equipped with 50W LED light source, including -XL50, -XL50A, -XL50B and other model specifications, of which type A indicates working voltage is AC220V, type B indicates working voltage is AC/DC24~48V, if any For special requirements, please note when ordering.
Scope of application:
Explosion-proof solid-state lighting is suitable for areas with explosive gas in oil exploration, metallurgy, military reserve, etc.; hazardous areas in Zone 2 for explosive gas environment can be normal in areas 20, 21 and 22 of dust flammable gas. jobs.
Product Features:
The shell is made of high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting, high strength, surface high-voltage electrostatic powder spray treatment, corrosion resistance;
The use of internationally renowned brand LED light source, high luminous efficiency, high color rendering, low light decay, low energy sand, no flicker, long service life, maintenance-free, no need for subsequent use costs;
Scientific light distribution design, high light efficiency, high utilization rate, large illumination area, 360-degree illumination, uniform illumination, soft light, no glare;
The light source cavity portion is designed to be independent into a cavity, and the lamp has good heat dissipation and prolongs the service life of the light source;
The integrated design facilitates on-site installation and maintenance and simplifies field wiring;
It adopts thread explosion-proof, plane explosion-proof and cylinder explosion-proof structure, and has reliable explosion-proof performance;
The light source group year, the reflector component, and the power module are all designed with standard modules to facilitate replacement and reduce post-maintenance costs;
The scientific sealing structure design, special sealing strip and embedding method have good water and waterproof performance and can be used in harsh environments.
Selection specifications:
A LED light source Power: 50W Luminous flux: 4000lm
B LED light source Power: 50W Luminous flux: 4000lm
Remarks: The suffix A indicates that the input voltage is: AC220V, the suffix B indicates that the input voltage is: AC/DC24~36V, and the LED light source has white light and light yellow light; the conventional factory is equipped with a boom-type mounting accessory, if other installation methods are required, Indicate when ordering.
Technical Parameters:
Rated voltage: AC/DC24V~220V
Light source: LED
Light source power: 50W
Protection level: IP65
Anti-corrosion grade: WF2
Insulation class: I
Incoming thread: G3/4
Cable introduction: 8~12mm
Dimensions: 200x280mm
Weight: 3.5Kg
Explosion-proof grade: ExdnRIICT5