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explosion proof led flood light 

Datetime: 2019-06-06 17:17:34

Scope of application:
Petroleum, petrochemical, chemical plant towers, furnaces, platforms, power distribution rooms, operating rooms, duty rooms, metering rooms, infield pump rooms, on-site control rooms, all kinds of low- and medium-level pump rooms, various types of channels, etc. Explosive locations require fixed illumination of the device.
Performance characteristics:
◆ This product is designed according to the requirements of 3836.1-2010 and 3836.2-2010, and can work safely and reliably in flammable and explosive places.
◆ Hexagonal 45 degree angle unique light distribution design, uniform light spot without glare, large illumination angle, uniform light distribution; using international top brand original LED light source, low energy consumption, high luminous efficiency, power consumption is only the same 20% of the luminous flux of incandescent lamps. Fully reflect the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection.
◆ The shell is made of aluminum alloy material and the latest surface treatment technology, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion, waterproof and dustproof; the heat-dissipating air-slot with air guiding structure inside and outside the lamp makes the LED fully dissipate heat and prolong the service life of the light source.
◆ Light source components, light distribution components, high-quality power supply, etc. are all designed and assembled by standard modules, which can be easily replaced and reduce the maintenance cost. The transparent glass is made of high borosilicate and tempered, which can effectively resist 4J impact force.
◆ One-piece luminaire structure, small size, light weight, direct cable introduction, simple installation and wiring, and various installation methods such as ceiling type, wall-mounted type and guardrail type.