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explosion proof led flashlight

Datetime: 2018-12-25 17:54:32

Performance characteristics
[Efficient and reliable] The rechargeable battery adopts high-energy non-memory lithium battery, high capacity, good charge and discharge performance, low self-discharge rate, economical and environmental protection, recyclable pollution-free, green energy-saving light source, thus achieving environmental protection requirements.
[Light efficiency and energy saving] The imported new ultra-high brightness and high power LED solid-state light source is used for energy saving, high luminous efficiency, long service life and maintenance-free, and no need for subsequent use.
[Signal function] It adopts programming IC control circuit and push button switch, which is easy and convenient to operate. The head and tail of the lamp are respectively equipped with a white illumination source and a warning light source, which can provide mobile work illumination or emergency illumination for more than 10 hours for various work sites, and can issue warnings behind the work to eliminate dangers or hidden dangers.
[Economic energy saving] The power consumption is only 20% of the same luminous flux incandescent lamp. The continuous illumination time of strong light exceeds 10 hours, and the continuous illumination time of working light exceeds 20 hours, which avoids the trouble of frequent charging and meets the needs of long-term work.
[Waterproof and durable] Special sealing structure, high quality impact resistant PC material and lightweight high hardness alloy casing, antistatic surface treatment, anti-static, waterproof, shockproof and corrosion resistant, ensuring various harsh environments and climatic conditions Under normal work.
[Intelligent Protection] The circuit has been optimized to have a discharge protection function, which can prevent the battery from being over-discharged and ensure that the circuit will not be short-circuited. The intelligent charger is equipped with overcharge, short-circuit protection and charging display system, which can effectively extend the battery. Service life. Beautiful appearance, compact structure, light weight, easy to carry and operate.
[Customized for you] In order to meet the individual needs of users, if the standard configuration of this product can not meet the needs of users, we can customize according to the requirements of customers.
Technical Parameters
No. Parameter name Unit Value
1 rated voltage V 3.7
2 rated capacity Ah 4.4
3 light source (LED) lamp head illumination source power W 3
Light tail warning light source 0.1
Average service life h ≥100000
4 Continuous lighting time Main light source h ≥24
Tail light ≥12
5 Charging time h 8
6 Battery life cycle 1500 times
7 Dimensions Outer diameter φ mm 62
Length mm 185
8 weight g 480