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explosion proof flashlight 

Datetime: 2019-04-18 14:57:42

Product Details

Applicable places:

It is suitable for mobile lighting, underwater and other workplaces for Class II and Zone 2 of Class IIC T1-T6, which are suitable for various inflammable and explosive places such as oilfield, metallurgy, railway, electric power, public security and petrochemical enterprises.

Technical Parameters:

Rated voltage: DC12V

Adapted light source: LED

Rated capacity: 4400mAh

Rated power: 3*3W

Discharge time: 9h (glare) / 18h (working light)

Protection level: IP68

Charging time: 8H

Explosion-proof mark: EX dIIC T6

Dimensions: 69*147mm

Weight: 0.9Kg

Performance characteristics:

3X3W high-power positive white LED light source is used in series, with high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption, long life of 100,000 h, cold color light, aluminum car reflector with high-tech surface treatment technology, high reflective efficiency, heat dissipation performance Good, effectively protect the life of the LED, the spot light color is even. The illumination distance of the lamps can reach more than 500 meters.

The special lithium battery pack has no memory, no pollution, high volume, long life, safe and stable performance, low self-discharge rate, continuous operation of 9h for one-time charging and strong light, and working light can work continuously for more than 18h, based on the lighting function. Added strobe function for long-distance signal indication.

The outer surface is anodized, the shape is light and beautiful, carrying two ways of hand-held and shoulder-shoulder, and the light touch switch is simple and convenient to operate.

The imported high-hardness alloy casing can withstand strong impact and impact, and has good sealing performance and can work normally within 100 meters under water.

Cool white, warm white and two different color temperature light sources, users can choose according to actual needs.