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Author: source: Datetime: 2019-01-05 15:24:39
Affecting the price factor of all-round large-scale mobile lighting

Next, let's take a look at what factors are caused by the high price difference between mobile lighting. The market price of all-round mobile lighting beacons ranges from 8,000 to 100,000 yuan. Where is the price of such a large price? Let's take a deeper look at the analysis. Regardless of the price of any product, the price of the same product is very different, mainly due to brand factors, cost factors, market demand factors, market environment factors and other relevant factors. The price is the monetary expression of the product value, and the factors affecting the price of the all-round mobile lighting beacon of the commodity mainly include the following aspects:

Cost factor

The raw materials used in the all-round mobile lighting beacon, the core components determine the product performance and quality of the all-round mobile lighting beacon, so the cost is one of the main factors affecting the all-round large-scale mobile lighting beacon. Generally, the cost will be reduced by the quantity. Ultimately reduce the price of a full range of large mobile lighting beacons. Of course there are some other costs such as labor costs.

2. Brand and channel factors

Users are mainly dealers and OEM counterpart customers. Because it is a dealer, our manufacturers only get a small portion of the product profit, and transfer most of the profits to the dealer, which is under the premise of guaranteeing the profit of the product.

Omni-directional large-scale mobile lighting beacon test
3. Market demand factors

For any product is the same, if the market is more demanding for the all-round mobile lighting beacon, when the demand exceeds supply, the price will rise, when the supply exceeds demand, the price will fall, of course, the performance is average, the large-scale mobile lighting beacon It will remain on a certain scale.

4. Other factors

Other factors include: the environmental factors of the all-round large-scale mobile lighting beacon market are mainly reflected in the competition of peers. I won’t talk much about it here
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