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explosion proof emergency light 

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-05-28 17:52:06
Although the LED explosion-proof floodlight itself is explosion-proof, it does not mean that it can be handled freely during storage and transportation. It is also necessary to pay attention to some matters during transportation and storage, so as to ensure that the LED explosion-proof floodlight can be intact when it reaches the customer. Used. What should you pay attention to when transporting and storing?

1, storage

In the storage of LED explosion-proof floodlights, it is necessary to choose an environment that can ensure air circulation and no humidity. The temperature in the environment where general LED explosion-proof floodlights are stored should not be higher than 40 degrees and low should not be lower than -25 degrees. It can store, the humidity inside the LED explosion-proof floodlight storage environment is compared with the ambient temperature. Generally, the humidity of the air in the environment of 25 degrees is up to 98%. If it is too high, the condensation will occur in the LED explosion-proof floodlight. If you use it again, you may not be able to use it or leak it.

Prevent or store and use LED explosion-proof floodlights. There should be no corrosive gas or other substances that can destroy LED explosion-proof floodlights. These will cause the surface and insulation of LED explosion-proof floodlights to be slowly destroyed and corroded. This will not protect your life.

2, transportation

When transporting LED explosion-proof floodlights, it is necessary to avoid the LED explosion-proof floodlights from encountering severe collisions or vibrations, because these collisions will cause cracks on the surface of the LED explosion-proof floodlights or damage to internal components, and also need Avoid rainwater entering the LED explosion-proof floodlights and let the water inside the LED explosion-proof floodlights become unusable.
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