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explosion-proof electrical products

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-12-12 15:13:24
At present, China's explosion-proof electrical products are divided into 10 types according to national standards. However, in the explosion-proof electrical appliances used in factories, the most widely used types are explosion-proof and increased-safety types. Intrinsically safe types also have certain amounts. Other forms of Explosion-proof electrical products are used less. These product categories are now summarized as follows: 1. Explosion-proof control box       It mainly includes a lighting distribution box for controlling the lighting system and a power box for controlling the power system. Most of these products are combined and can control up to 12 circuits. The outer casing is mostly made of cast aluminum alloy, some of which are welded by steel plates, and a small part is made of insulating material. The interior is mainly composed of circuit breakers, contactors, thermal relays, transfer switches, signal lights, buttons and other components. The manufacturer can also choose according to the needs of users. The explosion-proof grade can reach up to IICT6. By the way, explosion-proof automatic switches, explosion-proof knife switches, and fuses are often used in some control applications to control the splitting of power or lighting distribution systems, but only become a single piece. Therefore, these products are also classified as such products. 2, explosion-proof starter class       Such products include manual starters, electromagnetic starters, reversible electromagnetic starters, auto-decompression starters, Y-△ conversion step-down starters and feed switches. Explosion-proof starter products are used as terminal control equipment. Generally, a starter controls one motor, which belongs to a wide range of products. Its outer casing is usually made of cast aluminum alloy or steel. The interior is generally composed of contactors (air or vacuum), motor protection systems, signal lights, push buttons and autotransformers, and generally has local control, remote control and automatic control functions. Some products are equipped with circuit breakers as main switches to make the products more perfect. 3, explosion-proof control switch       The market demand for such products is relatively large, so there are many manufacturers, mainly including small explosion-proof products such as lighting switches, transfer switches (combination switches), travel switches, and pull switches. These products are available in explosion-proof grades up to IICT6. The explosion-proof housings are usually made of cast-aluminum die-cast composites, and a few other manufacturers use other materials. These products are characterized by small size, internal components, low technical content, simple structure and easy production. 4, explosion-proof main electrical appliances       The main electric appliance is a switching electric appliance that is used to close or open the control circuit to issue commands or programs. This type of explosion-proof electrical appliances mainly includes control buttons and operating columns. The explosion-proof control button housing is usually made of polycarbonate, glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin or ABS plastic, and a small amount is molded by cast aluminum. The general structure is an increased safety type housing with built-in flameproof components, and can achieve anti-corrosion function, and the explosion-proof grade can reach IIC level. The operating column is mainly composed of a main box, a junction box and a pillar. The main box and the junction box are made in one piece, and some are made into separate bodies, each having its own characteristics. The material is basically made of cast aluminum alloy material. The interior consists of various instruments, switches, buttons and signal lights. Can be combined according to different needs. 5, explosion-proof junction box       Electrical equipment must be connected to the power supply network via wires or cables in use to form a system to perform its functions. However, the connecting wires or cables cannot be infinitely long, and there are many places in the connection process that need to be connected in series and in parallel for wire tapping. This will inevitably cause the joint part to be exposed, which is likely to cause an accident. Explosion-proof junction box products are products that are produced to solve such problems, in order to further ensure safe production. Such products include junction boxes, junction boxes, threading boxes, hanging boxes, junction boxes, etc. The outer casing is mainly made of cast aluminum alloy. A number of incoming and outgoing lead-in devices are provided as needed, and terminals are provided for connection or tapping. Most of these products are made into flameproof or increased safety type, the volume is large and small, the difference is large, and the explosion-proof grade can reach IIC level. 6, explosion-proof lamps       Lighting must be used in any workplace and environment, and locations containing a variety of explosive gases are no exception. Because of its many places of use, it is spread all over the production corners, which makes the explosion-proof lamps and lanterns products mass-produced. These products are available in many varieties and specifications, but can be roughly divided into lighting, sign, signal, and portable; from light sources, they can be divided into incandescent, mercury, nano, halogen, and xenon lamps. And fluorescent lamps; from the structure is more numerous, generally hanging, hanging, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, portable, cantilever and so on. From the perspective of installation, explosion-proof lamps can be realized from 30 ° to 90 °. In terms of power, it can range from tens of watts to hundreds of watts. The installation height starts from the ground to a few meters high. It can be said that explosion-proof lamps are the largest and most used products of all explosion-proof electrical products. Moreover, due to its specific function, it causes a large loss and a large replacement. The structure and shape of these products vary widely, but from the point of view of explosion-proof performance, it is basically explosion-proof type, and the shell material is mostly cast aluminum alloy, which can basically satisfy the users in the places below IIC. The need for lighting and display functions. 7, explosion-proof connection      The main function of the explosion-proof connection is for cable connection and cable branching. Its main products are explosion-proof plugs and explosion-proof power outlet boxes. The rated voltage is 220V ~ 380V, the rated working current is up to 100A, the variety has two poles, three poles plus neutral line and grounding wire structure, the product shell is made of metal and plastic material, the explosion-proof grade can reach IIC level. The inside is mainly composed of connectors, and some products are equipped with switches with breakpoints. This switch and the connector have a chain function, that is, the switch is first opened and then plugged, and the plug is inserted first. Products without switches also have the function of disconnecting the ground line after disconnecting the main circuit, inserting the ground line and then inserting the main circuit. This is all done to ensure safe operation. Most of these products are used for direct operation, so their insulation performance requirements are generally high, and must not be ignored. 8, explosion-proof fans       These products mainly include explosion-proof ceiling fans, explosion-proof exhaust fans and explosion-proof axial fans. Their structure consists of explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof junction boxes and explosion-proof speed controllers and blades. Its rated working voltage is generally up to 380V, and the explosion-proof grade can reach IIBT4. 9. Explosion-proof electrical appliances with heating function       Petrochemical companies often need some heating equipment and electrical heating equipment in the production process, so the explosion-proof problem of such products is also very important. The main products are explosion-proof electric heaters and explosion-proof heaters. Since the main function of explosion-proof control transformers and explosion-proof ballasts is not to obtain thermal energy, it will also generate heat during operation, and should also be given great attention, so all of them are classified into such products. Of course, in today's rapid development of science and technology, there will also be many electric heating equipment made of high-tech materials, but the explosion-proof problem can not be ignored. The main components of explosion-proof heating equipment are components such as windings, controllers and junction boxes, and often have protection functions for temperature control or monitoring. These products are basically explosion-proof type, and the explosion-proof grade is IIBT4. 10, explosion-proof alarm electrical appliances       In some production situations, some lights and sounds are often needed to remind people of the actions that are more important in environments with explosive hazardous gases. Its main products are explosion-proof indicator lights, explosion-proof electric bells, explosion-proof electric flute, explosion-proof buzzer and other products. The structure is usually explosion-proof type, made of cast aluminum alloy, and the explosion-proof grade can reach IICT6. Its working voltage can be divided into straight 36 ~ 220V, AC can reach 380V. Explosion-proof junction boxes and explosion-proof housings are the main structural components. 11, explosion-proof electromagnets       These products mainly include explosion-proof electromagnets, explosion-proof solenoid valves, explosion-proof electromagnetic drives and other products. The working principle is that under the action of electromagnetic field, the electromagnetic force generated by the electromagnetic force is used to push the mechanical equipment to work. Most of the structure is flameproof, made of cast steel or cast iron, and the explosion-proof grade is IIBT6. The main technical parameters are generally thrust or suction (calculated in kg) and the duration of power-on, and must not be energized for a long time, otherwise it is easy to overheat and cause danger. 12, explosion-proof other categories       In the complex production process, many special requirements are often encountered, for which special explosion-proof electrical products must be manufactured. Due to the low output of these products and the special requirements, they are non-standard products, so they are classified into other categories. There are mainly electrical instruments, temperature transmitters, pressure transmitters, speed transmitters, level gauges, quantitative controllers, ignition devices, cameras and other products. These products are basically manufactured according to the production needs. Although their performance requirements are different, most of them are made of metal, the type is explosion-proof or increased safety, and a small number of products are intrinsically safe. Type products, their working voltage and working current are generally low, and the explosion-proof grade is IICT6.
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