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Excellent product performance and light transmittance of high-power LED flood light manufacturers

Datetime: 2021-08-17 17:47:18


The high-power LED flood light makes the illuminance on the designated illuminated surface higher than that of the surrounding environment. Generally, it can aim in any direction and has a structure that is not affected by climatic conditions. There is a lot of knowledge about high-power LED floodlights. The following introduces the excellent products and light transmittance of high-power LED floodlight manufacturers.



Excellent product embodiment of high-power LED flood light manufacturers

    The high-power LED flood light has bright colors, good monochromaticity, soft light, low power, long life, and light-emitting time of up to 50,000 hours. Moreover, the LED projection lamp has a small body, easy to hide or install, not easy to damage, no heat radiation, and beneficial to protect the illuminated object. The lamps are equipped with a scale plate to facilitate the adjustment of the illumination angle, and the application range is very wide.

The lamp bead is the main part of the led flood light, so the quality of the lamp bead is very important. The quality of the lamp beads is good or bad, and there are domestic and foreign products. When buying, we must ask the manufacturer, what brand of lamp beads are, and what is the size of the chip.

    High-power LED floodlights will generate heat during use, and need a shell to dissipate heat, so a good shell is very important. When choosing high-power LED floodlights, we must choose those with an IP rating of 65 or higher, so that it can be used outdoors.

    The driving power of high-power LED floodlights is the center of high-power LED floodlights. If the driving power is not good, the floodlights will have many problems, so the driving power requirements are very high. The power supply must be designed according to normal conditions. , If there is a power supply that takes a shortcut, then such a power supply is unreasonable, it is easy to break, and there is also a danger.

Transmittance of high-power LED flood light

    High-power LED floodlights are controlled by a built-in microchip. In small-scale engineering applications, LED floodlights can be used without a controller, and can achieve dynamic effects such as gradation, jump, color flashing, random flashing, and gradual alternation. Through the control of DMX, effects such as chasing and scanning can be realized. At present, its main application places are probably these: single buildings, exterior wall lighting of historical buildings, building interior and exterior lighting, indoor local lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, medical culture and other special facility lighting, bars, Atmosphere lighting in entertainment venues such as dance halls, etc.

    High-power LED flood light lens has high light transmittance, no discoloration, no blur, no breakage in 50,000 hours, can be cleaned with organic solvents, and the color is as new; high temperature resistance 520°, sudden temperature change of 200°, can be used for 5W, 8W, 15W, 30W, 50W, 75W, 150W or higher power light source, more suitable for poor outdoor environment. The main characteristics of the lens are high light transmittance, high temperature resistance, good UV resistance, anti-yellowing performance, and excellent thermal aging resistance. It can be used for a long time under an environment of -50℃~520℃.