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ex-proof led lights 

Datetime: 2019-07-13 14:18:46

Compared with general luminaires, explosion-proof LED lamps have unique explosion-proof functions, so they have very good functions in the production of many enterprises. So how does it achieve explosion-proof? Let\'s take a look at it.
Explosion-proof LED lamps can withstand the internal explosion of flammable mixtures that have entered the interior of the enclosure without damage, and will not ignite an external explosive atmosphere formed by one or more gases or vapors through any joints or holes in the enclosure. Electrical equipment enclosure. For example, the introduction of hydrogen into the interior of an explosion-proof luminaire caused an explosion. The special construction of the explosion-proof lamp housing allows the explosion to be carried out inside it without affecting the safety of personnel and equipment outside. Of course, the sealing performance of the explosion-proof lamp is still relatively good, and the general gas will not enter easily. Workers should remember to replace the power supply when replacing the light bulb. As long as it is used according to the regulations, there is no danger.
Therefore, the unique design of the explosion-proof LED lamp can effectively guarantee the performance of the explosion-proof LED lamp, thus ensuring the use in production.