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electrical structure of the explosion-proof lamp

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-12-18 17:12:36
The electrical structure of the explosion-proof lamp cavity must meet the requirements of two aspects: 1 In normal or abnormal work, it will not cause unsafe factors for people and the surrounding environment. 2 Provide excellent electrical parameters, ensure the photoelectric parameters of the light source, facilitate the start of the light source, do not affect the life of the light source, and let the light source achieve maximum efficiency. The electrical structure of the explosion-proof lamp cavity mainly includes the following contents: Electrical component Electrical components shall comply with the relevant national standards, can withstand the operating temperature of the lamp cavity for a long time, provide electrical parameters matching the light source, and can meet the requirements of various explosion-proof lamps of various explosion-proof lamps. 2. Wiring chamber The design of the wiring cavity structure size must meet the specific explosion-proof performance requirements, and should also be convenient for wiring, leaving room for the bending radius of the wire to ensure that the electrical clearance and creepage distance after correct wiring meet the relevant standards, the inner wall of the wiring cavity and normal work may be generated. The inner wall of the metal casing of the spark shall be coated with arc-resistant paint. 3. Connector and terminal block 1 The connecting piece and the insulating sleeve and the connecting terminal should have sufficient mechanical strength to prevent damage when the wiring is installed. The wiring should be firm and reliable, anti-loose, and should not be loosened due to vibration, heat, thermal expansion and contraction of the conductor and the insulation. 2 The power connector should be designed so that after the stranded wire is wired, if the cable head is removed from the terminal, it will not touch the surrounding metal parts. 3 The terminal should take measures to prevent loosening to prevent the wire at the root of the terminal from being broken. It is not permissible to directly press the connecting wire with the screw head, which is easy to damage the terminal. 4 Insulating sleeves should be made of materials with less hygroscopicity. For explosion-proof lamps with a voltage higher than 127V, phenolic plastic products shall not be used. 4. Grounding 1 Connect the accessible metal parts to the grounding terminal permanently and reliably, in case these metal parts may become charged parts when the insulation is in trouble, resulting in electric shock and sparking. 2 Internal and external grounding shall be provided in the wiring cavity and the outer casing of the explosion-proof luminaire. The grounding terminal shall be provided with the grounding symbol “〨”. Portable and portable luminaires are not provided with external grounding. The protection against electric shock is Class II and Class III luminaires without grounding terminals. 3 The diameter of the inner grounding screw should be the same as that of the connecting bolt. The outer grounding screw should be no smaller than M6-M8. The grounding screw should be made of stainless metal or stainless steel surface, and the contact surface is bare metal surface. The screws are tightened after tightening. 4 The ground connection should be low resistance. The grounding resistance must not exceed 0.5 Ω from any metal parts accessible to the ground terminal. 5 The grounding wire shall be a yellow-green two-color insulating conductor.
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