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boat dock lighting fixtures

Datetime: 2019-02-21 14:42:39

As the investment in national infrastructure projects continues to increase, ports along the coast are building new and expanding terminals to increase terminal throughput. The country\'s increased requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction require technical transformation of the terminal, and lighting is an essential part.

Port lighting requirements
For the lighting of the dock, the floodlights should be installed at the periphery of the boundary so that the lights are not affected by obstacles in the work area, that is, where the goods are loaded and unloaded. This arrangement may cause shadows on the deck of the ship that is moored on the shore at low tide. Therefore, there must be floodlighting on the deck and on the crane arm.
Docks and deck luminaires must be resistant to marine saline environments; commonly used materials are die-cast aluminum, brass, stainless steel and other plastics. Also, make sure that the lighting on the side of the dock does not interfere with the navigation lights.
Lighting products recommended: Keming LED high-power floodlights, Keming H+ series of mining lights.

Lighting solution
Project Name: Tianjin Logistics Port
Project Analysis: Zhenhua Logistics Group Co., Ltd. has annual sales exceeding RMB 6 billion and the total number of employees exceeds 3,000. More than 50 branches nationwide and hundreds of domestic and international agency outlets, 1.3 million square meters of major ports nationwide equipped with modern terminal for wireless terminal intelligent management, 230,000 square meters of modern logistics warehouse, 30 million tons of annual cargo throughput, 2.6 million TEU container annual processing capacity, 1 million TEU booking agent volume, as one of the best third-party logistics providers in China, Zhenhua Logistics entered the field of logistics industrialization, specialization and intelligence earlier.

Tianjin Zhenhua Logistics Group originally used lamps for 250W, 400W metal halide lamps and 180W, 240W energy-saving lamps. Metal halide lamps have high energy consumption, relatively poor lighting effects, and contain a lot of ultraviolet rays.
Keming LED industrial lighting stationed in Tianjin Port to provide lighting renovation for Tianjin Logistics Port.
The project realized the complete replacement of Tianjin Zhenhua Logistics Yard and warehouse lamps.

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