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allowable working position of explosion-proof luminaires

Datetime: 2021-07-02 14:10:16

(1) The allowable working position of explosion-proof luminaires. Some explosion-proof luminaires are only allowed to be installed and used in a certain position or a certain angle. This is because of the change of working position, the heat distribution on the surface of the explosion-proof luminaire and high surface temperature will occur. The main reason for the limitation of the working position of explosion-proof lamps is to control the high surface temperature so that it does not exceed the temperature group marked by the explosion-proof lamps itself, resulting in dangerous temperatures. In addition, the change of the working position will also affect the life and performance of some light sources, as well as the insulating materials, electrical components, and insulation performance of the different wires of the lamps and lanterns, as well as the life. Therefore, explosion-proof lamps with restrictions on the installation and use positions must be clearly stated.


(2) In order to reduce the high surface temperature of the explosion-proof lamps and reduce the product temperature grouping level, the design and selection of special specifications of the explosion-proof lamps must indicate the name of the light source, the model, the shape and size of the bulb and the manufacturer. If not specified, when the user changes to other bulbs of the same power, the high surface temperature of the explosion-proof lamps may exceed the ignition temperature of the explosive gas mixture in the use environment, posing an explosion hazard.

(3) Under the unfavorable conditions of normal operation, if the insulating material of the power cable or wire is subjected to high temperature in the lamp, if it exceeds 80 degrees, it should be marked so that the corresponding cable and wire can be selected. When there are special requirements for incoming cables or wires, the specification, model and applicable temperature must be indicated.

(4) Lamps with accumulators must state the type, nominal voltage and nominal capacity of accumulators to avoid loss and danger.

(5) E For explosion-proof lamps with condensing and similar performance, the short distance from the illuminated object should be indicated to prevent the illuminated object from being scorched and burnt.
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