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Which three proofs does the LED patch tri-proof light refer to?

Datetime: 2021-04-29 17:09:02

The LED patch three-proof lamp usually refers to the three-proof: waterproof, dustproof, and anticorrosive.

Although the LED patch tri-proof lamp has long been popular in the market, as for the "three-proof" of the LED patch tri-proof lamp, in our daily habits, there is no clear definition.

Traditionally, because of the use needs of different lighting environments, it may need to be dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, waterproof, etc., but not every lamp can have these functions at the same time. We are used to having three of them. Special lighting fixtures with this function are called: LED patch tri-proof lamps, and LED patch tri-proof lamps adapted to straight tube fluorescent lamps are also called LED patch tri-proof lamp brackets.

Dust-proof: In some special intervals, if there are dust-free purification requirements, the lamps are required to be dust-proof;


Moisture-proof: In some lighting spaces, where the humidity is high, they are moisture-proof to avoid damage to the electrical parts of the lamps;

Anti-corrosion: In places such as chemical industry, the content of corrosive substances such as acid and alkali in the air is high, so the lamp has anti-corrosion requirements;

Explosion-proof: in areas such as warehouses, to eliminate the possibility of flammability and explosion, the lamps and lanterns must be explosion-proof;

Waterproof: For example, outdoor lighting places, which may be washed by rain, etc., need to be waterproof.