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What should I pay attention to when purchasing explosion proof LED lights?

Datetime: 2019-09-19 09:44:38

Explosion proof LED lights have the highest safety requirements in all lamps, because explosion proof LED lights need to be installed in places with harsh environments, so the quality requirements are stricter. So what do you need to pay special attention to when purchasing explosion proof LED lights?


First of all, we must choose the explosion proof LED lights of constant current power supply, so as to better ensure the quality and service life. This is especially important for high-power explosion proof LED lights. The second is to carefully check the relevant certification standards for products. A qualified explosion proof LED lights should meet the national quality standards. Therefore, the corresponding certificate is complete. When purchasing, even if a certificate is issued, the authenticity of the certificate should be carefully identified. Finally, try to choose lamps that are of good quality and guaranteed after sale. Don\'t be tempted to buy cheap products. If the price of explosion proof LED light is too low, be careful. Such luminaires may be made of inferior materials, which are not only of poor quality and short life, but may even cause accidents when used in flammable and explosive places.