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What precautions should be considered when designing LED high bay lights

Datetime: 2021-07-02 13:40:47

The overall design of the LED high bay light not only involves the mechanical system of all the miner’s lights, but also involves the beauty of the lamps. Secondly, it is also a key aspect of the heat rejection design of LED industrial and mining lamps. Choose amethyst lens led luminous flux, you can consider the lighting requirements of different places; choose a fully transparent overall design, improve the heat extraction structure, and ensure the life of industrial and mining lamps.

Because the products used for LED light sources vary greatly, there is a certain hysteresis effect in the promulgation of design plans, experiments and other specifications, which will cause the products produced by different manufacturers to have poor exchangeability in structure and characteristics; in addition, the LED industrial and mining lamps themselves are also the same. Integrating various elements such as mechanical equipment, electronic optics, electrical equipment, etc., its design scheme involves several technical fields. In the specific application of lighting in processing plants, the proportion of lighting power consumption is constantly developing. At this stage, led miner\'s lamps have been widely used in large and medium-sized warehouses, workshops, workshops and other lighting venues.

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The key role of LED high bay light is to illuminate large and medium-sized places or industrial and mining fields, and it is also a kind of lamp with universal main purpose.

1. The color temperature of LED high bay lights must be symmetrical all over, because it will immediately harm the actual effect of lighting, and the color temperature and color rendering are related to each other, and the change of color temperature will cause the change of color rendering.

2. The color rendering index is a key indicator value for led industrial and mining lamps, and the color rendering index must be above 80.

3. Master the layout of the light intensity of the led industrial and mining lamps, and the manufacturer should show the customers various main parameters of the led industrial and mining lamps.