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What material is used for high-power LED high bay light radiator

Datetime: 2021-04-14 17:47:26

High-power LED high bay lights use energy-saving technology on the basis of traditional high bay lights to achieve the purpose of saving power consumption and increasing illuminance, thereby reducing investment costs and saving costs. High bay lights can save energy from three aspects, namely light source, electrical appliances, lamps. The optimized high bay lights can provide good reflection efficiency, and use electronic ballasts with power factor and low power consumption, which can reduce the pressure on the ceiling The light source uses energy-saving light sources, such as induction lamps, high-power energy-saving lamps, metal halide lamps, and LEDs. In summary, high bay lights are a good choice for your energy saving.

DL619 dock light

The high-power LED high bay light has strong functions. The heat sink is made of high-quality cylindrical sunflower aluminum, which can prevent surface oxidation and can make the product lightweight; its protective cover and reflector are made of light-transmitting PC chip materials and anodes The reflector of the oxidation spinning method can be separated from the lamp body, which provides convenience for the transportation of the product; while the light source uses a light-effect LED chip, which has the characteristics of brightness, low light decay and consistent light color; the power supply is waterproof The constant current power supply with voltage stabilization performance can make the life of the lamp longer, and it also has the protection of overvoltage, overload, overcurrent and lightning protection. Because of its powerful functions, high-power LED industrial and mining lamps are often used in workshops, factories, highways, toll stations, gas stations, exhibition halls, gymnasiums and other places. It is a good choice for your large-scale lighting.