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What kind of miner's lamp can guarantee the safety of miners?

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-05-31 09:20:35
First, coal mine lighting has not attracted attention
Coal is the main source of energy used by humans, and it is industrial food, most of which is buried in the ground. In order to obtain coal, miners must risk their lives and go deep into the bottom of a few hundred meters or even thousands of meters in order to dig out the "wujin" buried underground, and transport it to the ground to become an essential energy for human beings.
Under the deep underground coal mine, it is the darkest place in the human working environment. In the darkest part of the world, the safest and brightest lighting can fully guarantee the safety of miners.
However, the problem of brightness in coal mine lighting has not attracted widespread attention.
Some coal mine leaders believe that the light of the miner's lamp can be as long as the discharge time can reach 12 hours. There is no obvious quality problem. The light can see the ground and the surrounding environment. The intensity of light is not a very important factor.
As everyone knows, it is such a concept that placing a miner in a dangerous situation will bring unexpected and dangerous consequences. The slippery ground, the diffuse coal dust, the dense pipelines, the high-speed running machinery and the roof that may collapse at any time constitute a dangerous and complicated working environment for the miners. In this working environment, the miners need a bright pair. Eyes, to the surrounding danger factors, "clearly check the autumn", in order to eliminate hidden dangers, prevent safety accidents, and ensure their own safety. Low-intensity, dimly lit miner's lamps will reduce the sight of miners, miners "eyes are not clear", then "accidents". Therefore, the illumination is low, and the dimly lit miner's lamp is a safety hazard on the top of the miner. It is irresponsible for the miners to wear such a miner's lamp to work down the well.

Second, the brightly lit miner's lamp can guarantee the safety of miners
In the dark coal mine, the light of the miner's lamp is the eye of the miner. The eye can be fast, and the strength of the mine light line is directly related to the reaction speed of the miners handling coal mine accident safety accidents, which is related to the safety factor of the miners.
Coal mine safety experts believe that for every illuminance unit of miner's lamp brightness, the safety factor of miners will increase by 5%-20%. It is easy to make it clear: two miner's lamps, one light is strong, one light is dim, and the dim light is effectively illuminated. The range is less than 50 meters, and the bright illumination of the miner's lamp is within 100 meters. Then, in the same working environment, when encountering dangerous situations such as mine car trails and loose roof, it is more beneficial to the miners to wear which miner's lamp. It is clear at a glance that emergency measures can be taken in time to prevent accidents.
The brightly lit miner's lamp can illuminate the surrounding environment for the miners, penetrate the dust and fog in the environment filled with coal dust, and see the ground and roof conditions to effectively prevent roof collapse and other accidental accidents.
In order to fully guarantee the safety of the miners, it is the right choice to use brightly lit miner's lamps.
Experts suggest that coal mines should fully investigate and understand the varieties, brands, quality and reputation of the miner's lamp brand in the market, and verify the key performances of different brands of miner's lamps, so as to be cautious according to the actual situation of the coal mines. Choose the miner's lamp brand that suits your situation.
Coal mine safety is no small matter, and safety lighting is the first. In order to ensure the safety of miners and the normal operation of coal mines, coal mines should pay full attention to the importance of underground lighting. "To give miners a pair of bright eyes, it is possible to avoid letting miners in the danger of blind people riding horses and abyss."
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