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What is the difference of LED lamp, Incandescent lamp and Fluorescent lamp ?

Datetime: 2017-06-02 16:56:33

What is the difference of LED lamp, Incandescent lamp and Fluorescent lamp ?

In our daily life, we often hearing or using different kinds of lights, such as LED lamp, incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and so on. But can you differentiate them from each other ?

Do you know what’s the advantage and disadvantage of each kind of light ? Today, Lily from Golden Future will have a brief introduce for you.

Incandescent lamp is also called light bulb. It’s working by heating the filament with passing current. The incandescent light filament is also called tungsten filament, the melting point can reach to over 3000degree Centigrade. When current passing through the filament, it was heated gradually, until it reach to 2000degree filament in incandescent state, the lamp is lighting as the red hot iron. So, the higher temp filament is, the brighter lamp will be. That’s why when we using incandescent lamp, you will feel the brightness will keep increasing.


Incandescent lamp is shine by focused heat. So the alternative current will have little influence to the lighting degree. So you can seldom feel about the strobe. But shine by heating is also the disadvantage of Incandescent lamp. Plenty of electric energy convert to heat energy , but Only 1% can convert to light. What’s more, when temperature is high, the filament will keep evaporating and coagulate on inner surface of light bulb, it cause the light going dark gradually and break after a period of time. That’s why Incandescent lamp needs to be placed frequently.

Fluorescent lamp also called Daylight lamp. It’s actually an inclosed electric tube witt argon, neon or krypton and hydragyrum inside. Hg atoms will release UV-light when electricity go through the lamp, the fluorescent materials at the inner side of lamp will then absorbing UV-light and translate to visible light. Different fluorescent material will show different light color.

Generally, 40% UV-light can convert to visible light. So the efficiency of fluorescent light will be about 24%. That’s twice of incandescent lamp efficiency. CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) is also belong to Fluorescent lamp. The efficiency is 5 times than normal light bulb, and lifespan is 8times of normal light bulb.



LED light, are lights with LED light source. it has many advantages such as small size, long life span, low power consumption, and environment friendly… So LED light is taking the market quickly from outdoor light, decoration light, industry light to domestic light.

1. Convenient for delivery : LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a very little chip which was sealed in epoxy resin. So it’s light in weight. Shaking or impact to the lamp will not make LED fall off from light. So it’s convenient for delivery. solid-state semi-conductor device, it connect anode and cathode and can convert electricity into light source directly.

2. Low power consumption: Generally speaking, Each LED working voltage is 2-3.6V, working current is 0.02-0.03A, which means each power consumption can be 0.1W.

3. Long life span: In normal case, LED lifespan can reach to 100,000 hours.

4. High brightness and low temp: The most famous LED brand is Cree LED from America, the average lumens is more than 130lm/W. and it’s been increasing. So LED light will be more cheaper and the light quality will be better. We Golden Future Mining Cap Lamp,Loading dock light and Industry lamps are all Cree LED used. So it has a high efficiency and quality.

5. Environment friendly: LED are made of chip, epoxy resin and so on, it’s no mercury in it. Also it can be recycled and reused.

6. Compare with other lights, LED light is more expensive. Also, has a high requirements to manufacturer. IF manufacturer is unqualified, the voltage and current of light may be unstable, also the heat dissipation will be poor. That will reduce the LED life span and reduce light quality. So when purchasing LED lights, it’s very important to choose a good manufacturer. Golden Future Enterprise HK Ltd is a ATEX, MSHA approved manufacturer, if you looking for LED Mining Cap lamp, LED Explosion proof Industry lights. Contact US !