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What is an explosion-proof lamp?

Datetime: 2020-12-24 14:20:26

Explosion-proof lamp refers to a lamp used in dangerous places where combustible gas and dust exist, and can prevent electric sparks and high-temperature ignition of combustible gas and dust in the surrounding environment that may be generated inside the lamp, so as to meet the requirements of explosion-proof. Also known as explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof lighting. Different flammable gas mixture environments have different requirements for the explosion-proof grade and explosion-proof form of the explosion-proof lamp.

Explosion-proof lamps are the most widely used lighting fixtures, and their explosion-proof technology has long attracted people\'s general attention and great attention. It adopts aluminum alloy shell and plastic sprayed surface; dual purpose for lighting and emergency; built-in maintenance-free nickel-cadmium battery pack, which is automatically charged under normal power supply, and the emergency light will be automatically turned on when the power is out of accident or power failure; steel pipe wiring; emergency special light is normal Lighting and emergency lighting are independent; lighting emergency dual-purpose lamps, normal lighting and emergency lighting share a single lamp body, and the light source is independent.

Through a unique light distribution design, the explosion-proof lamp accurately controls the light type and angle of the LED light source to avoid light pollution and ineffective light utilization; the light is soft, no glare, does not cause eye fatigue of the operator, and improves work efficiency. Moreover, it can also be equipped with international famous brand T5 fluorescent tubes according to customer requirements, which has high luminous efficiency and is more in line with the actual lighting environment. Compared with T8 fluorescent tubes, it saves about 30% of electricity. And can be equipped with emergency devices according to user requirements, the built-in lamp body is light in weight, when the external power is cut off, the lamp automatically switches to the emergency lighting state.