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What factors determine the service life of high bay lights?

Datetime: 2021-07-13 16:16:43

In the process of using high bay lights, what factors determine the service life of high bay lights? Let\'s take a look at the relevant instructions that affect the use of high bay lights.

With the rapid development of LED technology, the development of industrial and mining lamps in the lighting industry is getting better and better. The lighting efficiency is gradually improved, the current control accuracy is high, and the current is stable. Unique design of safety isolation circuit, with overload, short circuit and thermal protection, high reliability, and long life of miner’s lamp. Industrial miner\'s lamp adopts aluminum profile for heat dissipation, and the surface is sprayed with corrosion-resistant super thermal conductive metal coating. The lamp and the chip are matched to ensure sufficient heat dissipation and improve heat dissipation efficiency.

KL5LMB miner lamp

The lamp shell of led high bay light is made of aluminum alloy material, which is not easy to deform. The surface of the fermentation tank is solved by electrostatic spraying with high pressure electrostatic induction, which increases the application time; high-quality LED light source , The integrated ic is high, long life, bright color, low light loss, and the lamp source has a relatively long life; the secondary optical coating design technology is used, and the electronic optical concave-convex lens is used to achieve it. The direct surface light source is well-proportioned, without overlapping, No glare.