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What factors depend on the product quality of high bay lights?

Datetime: 2021-07-13 16:15:48

Before we use the high bay lights, we must first choose the high bay lights correctly. Then, what factors do the quality of the high bay lights depend on? Let\'s take a look at the relevant instructions.

1. The light attenuation is good. The light attenuation of industrial and mining lamps is less than 30% before 25,000 hours. The main factor affecting the light attenuation is the difference in the quality of the light source and the heat dissipation structure.

2. Light effect, that is, lm/w per watt, it is the reflection of the power-saving performance of the lamp. The better the power-saving lamp, the higher the light effect. At present, the luminous efficiency of LEDs and compact fluorescent lamps are almost the same.

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3. Light source, LED industrial and mining lamps use high-power LEDs as light sources, which are expensive, while straw hat lamps or piranha-type LEDs are very cheap and not suitable for lighting.

4. Driving power supply. A good driving power supply can guarantee the life of the entire lamp. The theoretical life of LED industrial and mining lamps is 100,000 hours, while the life of general driving power is less than 100,000 hours. In order to ensure the life of the entire lamp, the driving power is also a key link. On the other hand, the industrial and mining lamp must be driven by a circulating fan with constant current. If a low-cost constant voltage drive is used, the service life will be shortened.