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What are the three protection features of the three-proof lamp?

Datetime: 2021-07-09 14:29:58

In the process of using the three-proof lamp, we have learned about its excellent performance, so which three-proofing does the specific protection feature of the three-proof lamp refer to, let\'s take a look at the relevant instructions.

The three-proof lamp is actually a kind of luminaire lighting, in which it has the characteristics of being able to avoid the three characteristics of the lamp, namely: moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-fouling solutions. The three-proof lamp has a higher moisture resistance and a higher waterproof level. The moisture-proof protection level is IP65. It is more commonly used in large and medium-sized swimming pools, locker rooms and other venues with high water mist and moisture.


The anti-corrosion performance of the three-proof lamp, the engineering plastic computer material with good anti-corrosion performance, the bottom cover is made of ABS engineering plastic. These materials are anticorrosive. Therefore, it is widely used in power plants, ships, stadiums and parking lots. Three-proof lamp dustproof performance: The three-proof lamp adopts a new type of pneumatic butterfly valve buckle scheme, equipped with special materials, which can effectively control the entry of dust and flying insects. Under normal circumstances, three-proof lights will be installed in semi-finished powder products processing plants and warehouses.