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What are the specific aspects of the selection of high bay lights

Datetime: 2021-07-22 14:14:00

Before we use high bay lights, we should first learn how to choose high bay lights, and from which aspects should we choose high bay lights. Let\'s take a look at the relevant instructions.

As the new darling of outdoor road lighting, industrial and mining lamps can be applied everywhere now. When users choose this product, what are the specific aspects of selecting industrial and mining lamps?

(1) Lamp body: The lamp holder of the led industrial and mining lamp adopts the whole lamp die-cast aluminum structure, and the surface is painted or anodized.

(2) Protection: Built-in non-adhesive quality silicone sealing ring and respirator, the protection level guarantees good lighting performance during the life cycle, and reduces the maintenance cycle and cost of the LED street light lamp holder.

(3) Mask: The lamp cap of the led industrial and mining lamps adopts high-strength tempered glass mask, which has been specially treated with no light spots and no frills, and the light transmittance is close to 95%, so that the LED street lamp cap has the functions of explosion-proof, waterproof, and chip protection.

(4) Heat dissipation: The use of industrial-grade heat dissipation technology has good thermal conductivity. The air convection design of the lamp holder of the led industrial and mining lamp has a better heat dissipation effect.