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What are the protection levels of the shell of explosion-proof lamps?

Datetime: 2020-12-07 19:32:21

In order to prevent dust, solid foreign objects and water from entering the lamp cavity, touching or accumulating on live parts, causing flashover, short circuit or damage to electrical insulation, etc.

   There are a variety of enclosure protection methods to maintain electrical insulation. Use the characteristic letter "IP" followed by two numbers to characterize the enclosure protection level.

   The first number indicates the ability to protect against people, solid foreign objects or dust. Divided into 0-6 levels.

   Explosion-proof lamp is a kind of sealed lamp, its dustproof ability is at least 4 or more, the second number indicates the water protection ability, divided into 0-8.

  Explosion-proof lamps and lanterns can be divided according to supporting surface data?

   Indoor explosion-proof lamps may be installed on many surfaces that are classified as general combustible materials, such as wooden walls and ceilings,

  They do not allow the external temperature of the explosion-proof lighting fixture to exceed the safe value.

   According to whether the explosion-proof lamps can be directly installed in the general flammable materials, they can be divided into 2 categories.

The    category is for lamps that are only suitable for installation on non-combustible surfaces. The other is the lamps suitable for direct installation on the surface of general combustible materials, with marking symbols.