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What are the advantages of explosion-proof inverters?

Datetime: 2018-11-07 14:31:22

What are the advantages of explosion-proof inverters?
As a professional explosion-proof inverter manufacturer, the high quality of our products is a must for our processing and production, saving energy and reducing the expenses of manufacturers.
The explosion-proof frequency converter changes the frequency and amplitude of the AC motor power supply, thus changing the period of its moving magnetic field, achieving the purpose of the smooth controlling the motor speed.

The explosion-proof frequency converter simplifies the complicated speed control, and replaces most of the work that can only be done with the DC motor with the combination of the inverter + AC squirrel blanket induction motor, which reduces the volume and reduces the maintenance rate.

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The flameproof enclosure is welded with high quality aluminum alloy or steel plate and the surface is sprayed.
Explosion-proof inverter can be equipped with various inverters (selected or provided by the user), circuit breakers, signal lights, meters and other components; digital display of frequency, speed and load rate or current, etc., can be manually adjusted frequency With display failure and other functions, it is safe and reliable.
Explosion-proof frequency converter has various protection devices such as overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage and disconnection. It has stable performance and is suitable for use in outdoor indoor working environments.
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