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What are the advantages of LED explosion-proof lamps?

Datetime: 2018-08-23 16:04:24

The LED explosion-proof lamp is literally easy to understand and must be used to prevent the light from emitting from the explosion. It is used in industrial production. With the deepening and opening up of the reform, China\'s chemical industry is developing rapidly, so the demand for flameproof LED lamps is also expanding, so what is the role of explosion-proof light?
First, the environment
Explosion-proof lamps are commonly used in many flammable dusts and hazardous environments, making our work environment safe and free of any disasters. Explosion-proof luminaires are generally explosion-proof to ensure safety in any flammable or explosive environment, but in emergency situations, the emergency response time is relatively long.

Second, the shell design

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The flameproof LED lamp housing is made of special alloy material. The structure is compact, impact resistant and resistant. It can withstand impact and is difficult to break. It is not only waterproof but also dustproof and corrosion-free. Need to maintain and extend its service life.
Third, function
Explosion-proof lights control the cooling function is very strong, usually at 45 degrees Celsius, summer is not easy to be burned, you can control the radiator to ensure that enough cooling, this summer is largely to ensure safety in your environment.
Through the above introduction, we know that the role of the explosion-proof lamp is very large and it has many advantages. It is worth mentioning that the quality of the LED explosion-proof lamp is reliable. The power of the circuit is the quality of the explosion-proof explosion-proof lamp assembly. And there is already mobile protection, there are so many security guarantees that you don\'t have to worry about being damaged. Therefore, these explosion-proof lights can work in hazardous environments.