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Welcome our Nigeria Guest -Golden Future Enterprise HK Ltd

Datetime: 2017-03-03 18:20:41

Welcome our Nigeria Guest

-Golden Future Enterprise HK Ltd

02/03/2017, our Nigeria Guest Adeniran Ajibade and his sister visited Golden Future, Manager Anic zhong and Lucy accepted them with warmly welcome.

Nigeria located in west of Africa, it has the largest population in whole Africa, and rich in nature resources. Nigeria is also the member of OPEC, the biggest petroleum production country and the sixth petroleum export country in the world.

Anic zhong and Lucy introduced Adeniran Ajibade our company, factory, Certifications and our market. Then showed them our sample room. Adeniran Ajibade showed big interest to our Hot selling mining cap lamp -KL4.5 and Newly Developed cap lamp-KL6LM. And hope to buy some sample to show his guest.

Golden Future has been engage in Mining Cap lamp, Explosion proof Industry light for more than 12 years. We have selling agent in both US, Canada, Ecuador...

We are looking forward to cooperate with companies worldwide. IF you have interest, feel free to contact us.

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