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Waterproof led common problem

Datetime: 2021-07-02 13:54:17

  1. Remove dust and stains on the shell of explosion-proof lamps on time to improve the special effects and heat dissipation characteristics of the lamps. The cleaning method can be based on the safety protection work capacity of the lamp housing, using water spray (marked on the lamp above the shade) or wipe with a damp cloth. When cleaning by sprinkling water, the switch power supply should be disconnected, and it is forbidden to clean the plastic shell (fully transparent part) of the lamp with a damp cloth to avoid electrostatic induction.


2. Check whether the fully transparent parts are affected by the impact of dirt, whether the safety protection net is loose, welded, eroded, etc. If there is, it should be stopped and repaired and replaced immediately.

  3. If the light source is damaged, the lights should be turned off immediately to prevent the electronic ballast and other electrical components from being abnormal for a long time because the light source cannot be started.

  4. If there is water in the lamp cavity of the lamp used in the wet and cold natural environment, it should be eliminated immediately, and the sealing member should be removed and replaced to ensure the safety and protection characteristics of the shell.

   When opening the lamp cover, according to the provisions of the warning sign, turn off the power supply and open the meter cover.

6. After opening the meter cover, check whether the flameproof fusion surface is intact, whether the rubber product is hard or sticky, whether the transmission line and cable sheath is yellowed and charred, whether the insulation layer and electrical components are tangible Change and scorch marks. If such a problem is found, it should be repaired and replaced immediately.

  7. Before closing the cover, use a damp cloth (not too wet) to gently wipe the light return and transparent parts of the lamp to enhance the special effect of the lamp. The flameproof fusion surface should be coated with a thin layer of 204-1 replacement type rust inhibitor. When closing the cover, pay attention to whether the sealing ring has a sealing effect on the original part.

  8. Part of the airtightness of the lamp cannot be disassembled and opened frequently.

6. Maintenance

   Before installing the LED explosion-proof lamp, check from the factory nameplate and product manual: explosion-proof type, type, grade, grade; waterproof grade of the shell; installation method and standard parts requirements for installation, etc. The installation of the explosion-proof lamp should ensure that it is firmly fixed, and the anchor bolts should not be dismantled and replaced at will. The spring washers should be available. The anti-fouling and moisture-proof sealing ring should be placed in the original state when installing. At the three-phase five-wire cable, the cable and the gasket should cooperate with each other, the cross section of the cable should be circular, and the surface of the sheath does not need to have defects such as convex and concave. Unnecessary three-phase five-wire ports must be plugged according to the explosion-proof type.