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Use of low voltage circuit breakers

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-11-07 14:55:12
Use of low voltage circuit breakers

      Low-voltage circuit breaker refers to a switchgear that can turn on, carry and break the current under normal circuit conditions, and can also be turned on under specified abnormal circuit conditions (overload, short circuit), carrying a certain time and breaking current, also called automatic air circuit breaker


  Type of low voltage circuit breaker


(1) According to the type of structure, molded shell and frame type (universal)

(2) According to the number of poles, monopole, dipole, triode and quadrupole

(3) According to the structure function, general, multi-function, high-performance and intelligent, etc.

(4) According to the installation method, fixed and drawer type

(5) According to the wiring method, the front wiring of the board, the wiring of the board, the plug-in wiring, and the draw-out type (drawer type)

                     Wiring and rail wiring, etc.

(6) Manual operation (handle or external rotating handle) and electric operation

(7) According to the action speed General type and fast type (current limiting circuit breaker)

(8) Classification by use Distribution circuit breaker, motor protection circuit breaker, magnetic circuit breaker and leakage

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